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Deborah Hager


My work is a juxtaposition of geometric and organic images to convey ideas about life containing order and disorder simultaneously. I use wood firings, drawings and sgraffito technique in my designs.

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Peter Karner


Stoneware.Thrown, thrown and altered or hand built.Glazes applied in layers.High-fired. Functional

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Victoria Motazedi


Creative and whimsical table & wall clocks, some featuring moving pendulums. Birds, trees, celestial objects and fairy castles are represented in the work. Featuring a variety of glaze techniques.


Jack Charney


Hand formed earthenware figurative ceramic sculptures created using a series of slumped forms manipulated and assembled into one of a kind pieces that are then multifired to achieve the desired effect


Anita Garfein


I work in high fired stoneware to make objects to add beauty and pleasure to everyday life. I want my works to be used and enjoyed.



Sumati Colpits


Slab and hand built techniques are used with stoneware clays, textures, glazes and oxide washes.




Susan Williams

Digital Art

Hand colored digital painting from my B&W photograph. Done in Corel painter with Wacom paint brush with a pared down palette of vintage sepias and gold chloride blues. May contain collage and paint


Eli Helman


Ink drawings created with Micron pens on paper. Blending intricately detailed modern & folk styles with eclectic subjects to produce a visual experience that is both whimsical and thought provoking.



Johanna Mueller


I engrave plastic or wood by hand, ink the remaining surface and print it on a 1960's era letterpress. All prints are editions of 100 or less, NO DIGITAL prints of any kind, just traditional methods.


Christopher Brown


Original graphite pencil drawings on wood panels. scratched sanded drawn with many marks and subtle nuances. barns flowering trees and snowy river scenes reminiscent of places we've been



Cecelia Eidemiller


 I draw portraits from live sitters at the event which entails continuous demonstrations.



Chad Tuura


I create traditional linoleum block prints. My work is all inspired by either nature and/or pop-culture; my two favorite things.



Kara Young


My pieces are made of 85% handcast abaca paper. The surface is then covered with joint compound or cement, then copper leafed. Some pieces are painted with bees wax and pigment, called encaustic.


Barbara Holloway


I handweave my fabrics on 8 harness foot-powered floor looms with plant fiber yarns. I warp the looms, weave the fabrics, wash, dry and press the cloth. Then I cut, sew and hand-embellish each piece.


Deb Tewell


Milkweed creates felted wearables. Felting continues a tradition thousands of years old, but with a modern twist that appeals to fashionistas who appreciate the funky look. Wet-felting is not knitted!


Doug Roy


Images made from 100's to 1000's of intricately hand-cut pieces of paper, some smaller than 1/64", mounted and framed under glass.


Natalie Wall


We create hand made leather purses and satchels. Incorporating semi-precious stones, wood, and A-grade leather to produce our unique design. Each bag is hand cut and hand tooled, creating one of a kin


David Switzer


Designed and crafted using traditional tooling techniques exotic leathers. I strive to produce products that are aesthetically pleasing and functional with a southwestern flair