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Steve Knox


Stained Glass windows, using the copper foil method, ranging in size and shape from 12 inch circles to free standing pieces over six feet tall.

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Diana Zombola


Brilliantly colored intricate transparent & opaque glass, frit, stringer, powder, dichroic glass; fused, cold-worked, & slumped. Pieces utilize tapistry, combings, pattern bars, & crackle techniques.

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Daniel McKenna


Offering glass familiar to a wide audience, we present the purity of color using stained glass. In the copper foil technique, we create contemporary art in a timeless tradition that enhances any home.


Kimberly Reed


Pieces are completely made from scratch. 3-dimensional work combines hand sandblasting, hand worked metal, hand painting, hand cut bevels, glass & mirror


Michael Thompson


Glass sculptures, wall hangings, and vessels; multiple layers of glass, kiln formed and cold worked. With attached glass base.





Hand-sculpted molten glass manipulated using Venetian techniques, brute strength & scientific precision to create fine art glass sculptures. Each individual piece is perfectly balanced & intertwined.